The Science of Why We Don’t Believe in Science (Lecture and Course)

I’m teaching an online course in May entitled “The Science of Why We Don’t Believe in Science.”

The course will be based on my many writings on this subject.

Here’s the synopsis:

Ever wonder why we can never seem to stop fighting about settled scientific issues like climate change, evolution, and the safety of vaccines? Or simply why you can never seem to change a science denier’s mind? Renowned science journalist Chris Mooney has been reporting and writing on this subject for the past three years, and in this course, he walks you through a growing body of research on the psychology and emotions behind science denial. Topics covered include motivated reasoning, conspiratorial beliefs, and the psychology of political ideology and of religion. At the end of this month long course, not only will you understand what you’re actually up against when dealing with science deniers — you’ll know how to make headway against them.

For more info, see here.

Meanwhile, I also just gave a lecture on the same subject at UC Berkeley, which has just gone up on YouTube. If you have questions after watching this lecture, or want to dig deeper into the material discussed or want to talk about it, the course is probably for you:

YouTube Preview Image