Along with neuroscientist Indre Viskontas, Chris Mooney was the co-host of the Point of Inquiry podcast, a popular weekly science and freethought program sponsored by the Center for Inquiry.

Mooney, Viskontas, and their producer Adam Isaak recently resigned from the Center for Inquiry (details here) and have begun producing a new podcast with Climate Desk, called “Inquiring Minds.”

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Here’s the show’s first episode:

YouTube Preview Image

11 Responses to Podcasts

  1. Kevin Paulsen says:

    Looking forward to the new podcast. We all miss you guys!

  2. Fabio Storino says:

    Hi, Chris. Is there some way you can register people interested in Mother Jones’ new podcast to receive a notification when it finally launches? If not, how soon do you think we should look for it (so that I can mark it on my calendar)?

  3. Chris Mooney says:

    Folks, please stand by on this? We will announce pretty soon–expect to see something in September.

  4. Daniel Guffey says:

    Good call making your way to SGU to promote yourselves, I would have not known through POI that you branched off. Are you going to make rounds through other podcasts that tackle political/science/skeptic/religious/cultural topics?

  5. Chris Mooney says:

    I don’t think we’d decline any invites ;>

  6. Patty says:

    Please make this available on Stitcher! Thanks

  7. Jeff says:

    Yes, Stitcher. Please.

  8. Hal D says:

    Is there a plain old RSS feed for Inquiring Minds?

  9. Hal D says:

    Is there a plain old RSS feed for Inquiring Minds podcast (i.e., with enclosures)?

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